The INSCA Annual Conventions is held each year in the spring. A typical meeting program for INSCA includes lots of time for members to conduct private business meetings as well as attend seminars and workshops of interest. Indeed, the primary reason many people come to INSCA conventions is to coordinate business deals with colleagues from around the world. Where else can you find yourself face-to-face with as many as 600 fellow professionals from within the natural casings industry!. Non members are also invited to attend the annual conventions.

Of course, INSCA conventions also include a variety of structured group activities, such as cocktail receptions, general sessions featuring leading experts from the industry as speakers, sporting events and tournaments, and an annual banquet. INSCA conventions combine the best of both worlds -- great camaraderie in an international resort setting plus business networking opportunities that cannot be matched!

INSCA board of directors meets twice a year. Once in the Spring during the annual convention and once Fall of every year.


2021 Semi Annual Meeting- Dubrovnik, October 19-22

2020 Semi Annual Meeting- TBD,

2019 Semi Annual Meeting- TBD,

2018 Semi Annual Meeting- Las Vegas(Nevada), USA, October

2017 Semi Annual Meeting- Paris, France, October

2016 Semi Annual Meeting- New York City(New York), USA, October 5-9

2015 Semi Annual Meeting- Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 15-19

2014 Semi Annual Meeting- Dubai, UAE, October 20-24

2013 Semi Annual Meeting- Dublin, Ireland, October 10-14

2012 Semi Annual Meeting- San Francisco(California), USA, October 9-13

2011 Semi Annual Meeting- Shanghai, China, October 11-15

2010 Semi Annual Meeting- Capetown, South Africa, October 12-16

2009 Semi Annual Meeting- St. Petersburg, Russia, October 15-18

2008 Semi Annual Meeting- Milan, Italy, October 30- November 2

2007 Semi Annual Meeting- Seattle(Washington), USA, October 21-24

2006 Semi Annual Meeting- Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 25-28

2005 Semi Annual Meeting- Frankfurt, Germany, November 1-4



2021 Annual Meeting- Shanghai, China

2020 Annual Meeting- Marbella, Spain

2019 Annual Meeting- Berlin, Germany, May 9-12

2018 Annual Meeting- Boca Raton, May 21-26

2017Annual Meeting- Saint Julian, Malta, May 18-21

2016 Annual Meeting- Madrid, Spain, May 11-14

2015 Annual Meeting- Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 27-30

2014 Annual Meeting- Hong Kong, May 19-25

2013 Annual Meeting- Frankfurt, Germany, May 10-16

2012 Annual Meeting- Porto, Portugal, May 26-June 2

2011 Annual Meeting- Venice, Italy, May 14-20

2010 Annual Meeting- Bucharest, Romania, May 12-17

2009 Annual Meeting- New York City(New York), USA, May 19-24

2008 Annual Meeting- Athens, Greece, May 20-25

2007 Annual Meeting- Valencia, Spain, May 13-17

2006 Annual Meeting- Beijing, China, May 22-27

2005 Annual Meeting- Cairo, Egypt, May 24-29


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