Hog Casings are used for fresh, cooked, dried or smoked Sausages. Chorizo, Pepperoni, fresh Italian Sausages, large Frankfurters, Kielbasa, weisswurst and Bratwurst...to name just some of the best-selling items.

Hog Casings are sold in "bundles" or "hanks." This unit of measure equals approximately 91 meters.

Hog Casings - unstuffed, shown in hanks, tubed, and in tubs; also shown are examples of stuffed hog casings

Hog Casings are also sold in bundles called "shorts." Shorts are 1 to 2 meter lengths and usually classified as 35mm and up or 35mm and down. NOTE: "Green Weights" refers to the weight of a stuffed casing, prior to cooking or smoking , per 91 meter lengths.

HOG CASINGS by Bundle or Hank

HOG CASINGS by Bundle or Hank
of Diam.
--Green Wt.
Product Examples
30 mm/down 41 kg/down Pork Sausage
30-32 mm 41-45 kg Frankfurters, Italian Sausage
32-35 mm 48-52 kg Pork Sausage, Bratwurst, Frankfurters, Italian Sausage
35-38 mm 52-57 kg Smoked Sausage, Pepperoni, Bratwurst, Italian Sausage
38-42 mm 57-61 kg Smoked Sausage, Kielbasa, Pepperoni, Rope Sausage
42-44 mm 59-64 kg Smoked Sausage, Kielbasa, Pepperoni
44 mm/up 61-68 kg Specialty Items

HOG BUNGS: Regular and Sewn, Hog Bungs & Hog Bung Ends

"Regular Hog Bungs" are sold as individual pieces and are used primarily for Liver Sausage and Branschweiger.

"Sewn (or Sewed) Hog Bungs are produced in double-walled and single-walled varieties. All varieties are made by sewing two or more pieces of smaller sizes of regular hog bungs together

To obtain a larger, more uniform finished product, these casings are custom made and can be purchased in almost any shape or size suitable to the needs of the processors. Most of the products are used exclusively for Liver Sausage, Braunschweiger, Genoa or Thuringer, Summer Sausage and Cervelats.

Regular Hog Bungs or Fat Ends
50-55mm 50cm 600-700g Braunschweiger
55-60mm 50cm 800-900g Braunschweiger
60-65mm 50cm 1000-1100g Braunschweiger
65-70mm 55cm 1200-1300g Braunschweiger
70-80mm 60cm 1500-1800g Braunschweiger
Light Sow --
60cm 1800-2200g Liver Sausage
Normal Sow --
60cm 2000-2500g Liver Sausage
Heavy Sow --
60cm 2500-3000g Liver Sausage


"Hog Middles / Chitterlings" are put up in three calibers: wide, medium, or narrow. The size is determined by the location of the item within the animal. There are normally 9-10 one-meter pieces to a bundle. Hog Middles are easily recognizable by their curly appearance. Chitterlings are also available selected into 5mm calibers.

An example of a sausage made in hog middles is Saucisson, a dry French salami. They are also used to make Blood Sausage, Sopressata, and Mortadella.

Sizes Product Examples
Wide Cooked Braunschweiger
Medium Liver Sausage, Dry Salami
Narrow Italian Salami (Frisses)

Hog Middle
(shown at left)

Hog Middles / Chitterlings are also available graded
Sizes Product Examples
45 - 50 Italian Salami (Frisses)
50 - 55 Liver Sausage, Dry Salami
55 - 60 Liver Sausage, Dry Salami
60 - 65 Cooked Brauschweiger
65 - 70 Cooked Brauschweiger
70+ Cooked Brauschweiger
Sewn Hog Bungs - Paper Lined, Beef Middle Lined, and Beef Bung End Lined
Approx. Stuffing
90mm 60cm 3 - 3-1/4kg Liver Sausage
100mm 60cm 3 - 3-1/4kg Liver Sausage
110mm 60cm 4 - 4-1/2kg Liver Sausage
Double Wall Genoa Sacs
89-95mm 25cm 2-1/4 - 2-1/2 kg Genoa Salami
83-102mm 25cm 2-1/2 - 2-3/4 kg Genoa Salami
Single Wall/Double Wall Hog Bungs or Beef Middles
89-102mm 76-81cm 4 - 4-1/2kg Thuringer, Summer
76-89mm 76-81cm 3 - 3-1/2kg Thuringer, Summer
64-76mm 76-81cm 2-1/2 - 2-3/4kg Thuringer, Summer