Laminated Casings are mainly used for Dry or Semi-dry Sausage and may also be used for Cooked Deli Products.  Some Bolognas are made with laminated casings.

Pieces of hog casings or sheep casings are cut open and laminated on a form or mold. This sausage-shaped mold may be made to accommodate a variety of calibers. During the processing operation, high temperatures are used to eliminate any bacterial growth. The natural binding quality of the casing protein causes coagulation. After cooling, the casings are removed from the form or mold.

If desired, various nettings may be applied on the casings during processing. These tend to enhance appearance and serve to allow the hanging of these sausage products for easy display.

Max. Length
Approx. Stuffing Weight
42mm 30cm 275 g
45mm 50cm 320 g
48mm 25cm 410 g
52mm 50cm 550 g
58mm 50cm 680 g
65mm 50cm 1400 g
70mm 50cm 1800 g
78mm 50cm 1650 g
85mm 50cm 2000 g
90mm 60cm 2400 g
95mm 60cm 2900 g
105mm 60cm 3300 g
110mm 50cm 4400 g
115mm 50cm 4800 g
130mm 50cm 5800 g
135mm 50cm 6200 g
45 / 62mm 42cm 900 g
48 / 82mm 55cm 1800 g
65 / 90mm 60cm 2700 g
65 / 100mm 60cm 3200 g