A measured unit of casings ready for sale in salted, pre-flushed, or tubed form; bundles will be either hog casings or sheep casings consisting of 91 meters (100 yards). Bundles can also refer to a customer-defined specification.

Green Weights

Represents approximate stuffing capacity of casings before cooking or smoking, per 91 meter lengths.


Pimples that appear on some beef rounds or beef bung caps.


A unit of beef casings ready for sale in salted form, consisting of 18-30 meters for beef rounds and 9-18 meters for beef middles.


Refers to the result of applying a casing to a dummy transfer horn or to a flexible plastic sheath to expedite the stuffing process.


A shipping container made of plastic with a packing volume to 208 liters (approximately 55 gallons).


Damage to casings caused by overcrushing. Windows result in wall thicknesses being approximately half the thickness of the majority of the casing.


The capillary that holds the intestine in the fat and provides a flow of blood to the intestine. When removing the intestine with a knife, the capillary is not completely removed, creating a hair-like appearance on the surface of the casing.