INSCA is made up of several committees that serve distinctive functions. Committee chairs are made up of Board officers and Directors. The following are the committees and their objectives;


The Government and Market Information committee is international and does not limit itself to the USA and the EU. Its role is to keep members well informed of all government affairs and general market trends all over the world. Members of INSCA are all involved in international trade and hence need to be continuously updated on events, news, policies, decisions and statistics that help member companies make plans and strategic long and short term decisions.


The Membership committee›s main responsibility is to recruit casings people from the various regions of the globe thus expanding and empowering INSCA to serve the industry and continuously enhance its membership pool.


The By-laws committee›s role is to continuously incorporate new ideas in forming policies and regulations for the Board to follow and to guide them in decision making including, keeping with trends and operational improvements in the daily operations of the association.


The Public Relations and the Promotion of Natural Casings committee›s role is to help INSCA gain exposure, enhance its image,form a favorable public opinion and increase involvement in the affairs of INSCA. It strives to establish good relations with the media such as newspapers and magazines, and be the spokesperson of the casings industry in all international publications through press releases and articles while partnering with regional and other associations.

At the same time, it strives to be continuously active in the promotion and protection of natural casings throughout the world by producing promotional materials, lobbying for labeling, and creating awareness for both consumers and producers.

The Leadership of INSCA is a critical part of its strength. The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying and developing potential leaders ready to serve the industry through official positions in the INSCA hierarchy of leadership. These leaders come from different districts of the globe and come together to provide synergy and diversification in the association's management.


The Website Committee is responsible for maintaining the INSCA website as a valuable tool for both members and non-members; from the launching of the portal to the contents of the website and its pages. The committee provides the management team of the website with information and ideas on enhancing the website to be more beneficial to members and visitors alike.


These committees are charged with keeping INSCA and the rest of the world informed on all information, regulatory changes, business affairs, import and export data and general industry information.


The convention committee seeks to procure venues for the annual conventions as well as the semi-annual board meeting. This involves agreeing with host member companies in different countries to organize the various event venues.


A common characteristic of the modern consumer is this need for information about products, processes, safety issues and so much more. Consumers today will not eat something without knowing what it is made of, how, when, and where. This meant that consumers of sausages wanted to know what their sausages were made from and how. Obviously, casings producers and other participants in the industry were ready to answer these queries, but partially. The industry did not have enough scientific data and information.

At the same time, governments were moving along the same line imposing new health and safety regulations that needed understanding before implementation. This has led INSCA to invest time, money and efforts into science and scientific research.

The idea was that the industry as a whole needed to enhance the public and government awareness of our products and emphasize that these casings are safe and healthy ingredients of the sausage. At the same time the industry needed to come up with arguments based on sound scientific research to cope with the increasing public awareness and government interventions.

Today, INSCA still realizes the importance of this scientific research and studies and has committed to continue this mission of enhancing its scientific involvement and has therefore formed the ISWG, made up of delegates of member regional associations to study,propose and implement scientific study and research on natural casings, with the aim of enhancing public, scientific, and governmental awareness of our product and its properties. It is believed that this scientific work is the property of all participants in the field and is aimed to be used for the overall good and well being of the industry.INSCA members can submit scientific project ideas with the ISWG via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The International Committee on Trade Regulations (ICTR) is an official committee of INSCA, the International Natural Sausage Casing Association, founded on October 14th 2010. The main purpose of the ICTR is to deal with existing or emerging trade barriers around the world and find ways to resolve these barriers in order to achieve a global free-trade in natural casings, as stated in the INSCA bylaws.

The committee consists of: Chairman (appointed by INSCA board of directors), Legal Council, Executive Director, and appointed regional delegates. The ICTR delegates represent a specified global region and are not specifically linked to any association. The following regions are represented by appointed delegates: North America, South America – Brazil, South America – other than Brazil, Europe – Member States, Europe – non Member States, Africa, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand, China, and Japan.

The ICTR concentrates on two general categories of trade barriers; Veterinary / public health related issues and Tariff / quota etc. related issues. INSCA members can submit trade issues with the ICTR via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . These issues will subsequently be logged, discussed and addressed.

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